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Every Woman a Heroine

I write about women because I understand them, and I love them, admire them, and appreciate them. Shobban Bantwal seems to share these insights, as well as these feelings. She has written a book about a woman, a woman with an important story to be shared. Her compelling story transcends everything else.

A Middle-aged Heroine?

Shobhan Bantwal – author of THE UNEXPECTED SON

In my books, which are primarily commercial women’s fiction with romantic elements, I have portrayed protagonists from young to middle-aged—21 to 50 years old and a few in-between. I believe a protagonist should be someone the reader can connect with, and if a writer succeeds in creating a character that readers can relate to and root for her/him, then age really does not matter.

A woman’s journey is what my stories are all about. Depending on circumstances, a very young heroine can easily have experienced a lot of what life can dish out. A lifetime of experience can be gained by a woman who marries very young, has multiple children, weathers abuse or neglect or widowhood or illness.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to life experiences. My own late mother was married at 14 and had lived with a bunch of difficult in-laws and raised her first two children in their grim household while my father was away, first at medical school and later in the military during World War II. During all those years, my mother’s life was full to the brim—a lifetime of experiences crammed in a span of a few years.

My mother was a strong, intelligent woman, who handled her responsibilities, trials, and tribulations with dignity and kindness. She managed to raise five daughters in a male-child-obsessed society that disdained women who produced girls. She gave each one of us, her daughters, an outstanding education, and despite her own staunch Hindu faith, taught us to appreciate other religions and cultures. Most of all, she instilled in us self-respect and a sense of humor. Her life alone could make an excellent biography.

My latest heroine in THE UNEXPECTED SON is a 50-year-old woman who has realized most of her dreams, but wakes up one morning to a shocking truth—a truth that turns her cozy world upside-down. Suddenly she is forced to face her dark past at the risk of losing her happy marriage and her beloved family.

Young or old, beautiful or ugly does not matter in a good story. I believe that a credible protagonist going through interesting life experiences is what makes a compelling plot and keeps the readers turning the pages.

A Note From Shobhan – Information about my books, video trailers, contact, photos from India, reviews, contests, and recipes is available on my website:  All my books can be purchased at any retail bookstore or online bookseller. For more information about The Unexpected Son virtual tour, visit


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  1. Phyllis,

    Thank you for featuring me on your interesting blog. For a women’s fiction author like me, your books sound like my cup of tea. I’ll pick up one of your books as soon as I can.

    Shobhan Bantwal
    author of The Unexpected Son

    Comment by Shobhan Bantwal | August 18, 2010 | Reply

  2. Thank you, Shobhan! It was my pleasue. I look forward to reading your work as well!

    Comment by phyllis | October 2, 2010 | Reply

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