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Women's Fiction by Phyllis Schieber

The Journey

I apologize for my obsession with everything yoga, but it is impossible not to let yoga cross over into my writing life. In class today, my teacher said that “every position is a journey.”  She encouraged us to move slowly into each position, with concentration and mindfulness. Breathe she reminded us over and over.. encouraging us to move from four breaths in and four breaths out, to five, to six, maybe even to eight, as we made sure the breath was part of the posture. Visualizing the breath as it moved up from my pelvis to my chest to my head and down again made it possible to experience the journey more fully. Each time I write it is a similar journey. I have to breathe, absorbing all that there is to see and feel. I have give myself fully to the journey, trusting my instincts. allowing myself to enter the process, to be open. At the end of class, my yoga teacher explained that when you sit with your hands palms upward, you are expressing your readiness to receive. My palms are upward, my breath mindful, and my heart open… I am ready to receive.


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