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Writing to Meet the Market Demand or Not

The other day a good friend told me about her recent experience at a YA conference in Manhattan. She went there to get a better understanding of what the chances are of her agent making a sale. Apparently, unless you can write a novel about  a mother who is a witch and father who is a werewolf and their vampire child, you’re screwed. Serious fiction is out. My poor friend was disillusioned. She even suggested, half in jest (or maybe a bit less), that we collaborate on such a novel. We shared a good laugh, but her information about the conference led us into a discussion about writing to meet the market demand…. or not. I would add or never. I did it once in the height of the Babysitters’ Club series. If you didn’t already know I write a YA novel a million years ago. Strictly Personal. It’s actually a very sweet book. Anyway, I write a really good series about a group of middle school girls who called themselves The Other Girls because they weren’t the popular girls–they were the other girls. Get it? It’ a good thing no one reads my blog. I don’t have to worry about someone stealing my idea and making a million dollars! It was a terrific idea, and the characters were great. It’s in my dead books cemetery now. And I’m writing whatever I want to because it just doesn’t matter, so I might as well  please myself. My friend who went to the YA seminar said that one of the BIG editors said that everyone was waiting for the next  Twilight series, but no one knew yet what it was going to be. That makes sense. It could be any of us.


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  1. Oh I understand completely what you mean here. I write epic fantasy and for a long, exhausting, while no one wanted anything to do with my Lord of the Rings sized trilogy. Luckily, I stuck to my guns and refused to give and I signed a book deal in March. So, it sort of pays off to follow what your soul is telling you. Lovely blog! It’s nice to know I’m not alone on these things.

    Comment by jschancellor | May 8, 2010 | Reply

    • Always, always follow your soul! I wish you much luck with your trilogy! Congratulations! And thank you for your kind words.

      Comment by phyllis | May 11, 2010 | Reply

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