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Starting Fresh

After months and months of alternating between desperation, resignation, fear, and amazement (often simultaneously), the idea for my new novel unfurled itself as if it had been there all along, and I just had not noticed. Is that possible? It reminded me of the feeling I have when someone introduces me to something I never heard of (like a new piece of music or a writer  even a word), and suddenly wherever I turn, there it is! It now feels as if the thrust of my new project will allow me to incorporate so many dimensions of a theme very close to me: I am a child of Holocaust survivors. It is a subject that alternately fascinates and confounds me. I cannot escape my legacy (nor do I want to), yet I have never embraced it in my work. And now it is time. I feel the anticipation of a new adventure, as well as the trepidation that accompanies unchartered territory. I know this journey will be complicated. I also know it will give me the opportunity to confront feelings I have walked around for most of my adult life… and now it’s time to allow myself to explore those feelings and give them form. I am excited. Everything is possible. In yoga, many positions require you to divide your attention and energy between pulling back and moving forward. Initially, that can be confusing. However, once you make space with your breath, allow your mind to quiet, and yield to the results, it all makes wonderful sense, giving the pose strength and balance. I come to my yoga practice with courage and with curiosity… I want to bring these same elements to my writing. And I will. I’m certain of it. Breathe. Breathe.


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