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Voices From the Past

Facebook is truly a phenomenon for so many reasons. I was a reluctant joiner though I now have over 1600 “friends.” Of course, most of these friends are strangers to me though we are bound by similar interests, mutual connections and a desire to jump on the bandwagon and reap the benefits of free publicity. Still, I have my doubts about Facebook as it relates to how it functions as an opening to voices from the past. Through Facebook, I have connected with people I have not heard from or seen in better than forty years. My question is after we bring each other up to date on marriages, divorces, children, successes and failures, what is there to really talk about? Moreover, am I compelled to “catch up” (an expression I don’t really understand) with people I never had more than a passing acquaintanceship with when I was in my teens? I hate to be a grouch about this, but I barely have time for the people in my life, so do I really need to widen my circle because Facebook has given others access to me? I confess that I may be in the minority. Most love to reconnect with old friends even if they were never really friends in the first place, but I’m not interested. I try to tell people the truth: I don’t like to socialize. Regrettably, that often fails to be enough to discourage the average reconnection enthusiast. I think that catching up on Facebook is more than enough with most. Sure, from time-to-time there’s someone who pops up that I wouldn’t really mind seeing… once. A cup  of coffee at a cafe and an hour of chatting, but that’s it. I don’t want to meet anyone’s spouse or partner or children, and I don’t want to go out for dinner, or to anyone’s home, or have anyone over for dinner at my place. I don’t want to talk about the struggles of my writing career, or what I’ve been doing for the last forty years. Let’s just be Facebook friends and send each other birthday greetings and occasional acknowledgements of achievement. There’s a reason we didn’t stay in touch, and I believe that needs to be honored.


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