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Writing With Patience

I know it’s unrealistic to think that the muse will always sit on my shoulder and help me write. After all, the writing process is hard and often tedious work. But what is one to do when the muse seems to have entirely vacated the premises? I’ve felt abandoned by my muse for some time now. I wouldn’t say that I’m panicked by her absence, but I do feel somewhat disoriented. It’s happened before, but never for this length of time. Nevertheless, I’ve made a discovery: patience and endurance are key. Combined with some courage and a little sense of humor, I’ve learned that I can still write even when my muse seems to have jumped ship. After all, I like to think that I am in charge even if it often doesn’t seem that way. I’ve learned to apply some patience to my writing practice. And, yes, it is something I’ve taken from my yoga practice. When I am patient with myself and remember how much courage it takes to even try a new pose, and when I keep my sense of humor about me as I acknowledge the will my fifty-seven-year-old body shows in participating in yielding to some of the most unimaginable postures, I know I can do anything. So, today, I settled on a name for my new protagonist that I am actually comfortable with: Sylvia. I’m not yet quite sure of her last name, but she’s divorced, in her fifties, the mother of two grown daughters who are at war with each other, the primary caretaker of an aged mother, and at odds with an older sibling (not quite yet sure if it’s a brother or a sister), and she (Sylvia) is the child of Holocaust survivors (like me!). I knew I just didn’t want to write another book about men and women and their relationships… something more was needed. That’s a lot for one day.


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