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Women's Fiction by Phyllis Schieber

Female Energy and Male Energy

The more I practice yoga, the more I understand how and why it is a way of life. Each teacher brings her own unique interpretation to class. Some teachers are more spiritual than others, but they all seem to live the yoga way. It shows in the stories they share and in the way they strive to connect “real” life to what we work to achieve in our practice. Of course, I like some teachers better than others, but I always learn something new in class, something to take with me into the world outside the studio. Most recently, I learned about male energy, shiva, and female energy, suka. The female energy draws us back, while the male energy pulls us forward. Shiva pulls us up to the sky; suka draws us to the ground.  The goal in yoga is create some balance between these energies, allowing us to stay firm to the ground, drawing back while still reaching skyward and pulling forward. It is a ballet, a union of oppositions that when well-coordinated has nearly perfect results. The pose feels right; it is stable. Your breathing can deepen, elongate. All the elements of the pose synchronize. I wonder why, then, it is so difficult to achieve this balance in our relationships with men. And believe it or not, I think I have an answer: Men are afraid of their female energy; so, instead, they just behave badly. The idea of yielding to their “female” side terrifies them, so they exaggerate their maleness, and who needs that?  But what about the man who can allow his female energy to surface, acknowledging that it is the only way to achieve balance. What wouldn’t a woman do for that sort of man? I think about these sorts of things as I develop male characters. I’ve been accused of being unkind to my male characters. They can be one-dimensional, and I struggle to find my balance. I know I like men who can talk, who can be seductive, who seem to really like women without feeling threatened, no small task for most men. And it is my own dirty, little secret that I wouldn’t mind a man to be a warrior for me from time-to-time. I think that within each of us, there is a way to pull back and to push forward; a way to tether to the ground while we reach to the sky.


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