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The other day my friend sent me this quote: Forgiveness is abandoning all hope for a better past. I’ve been thinking about this quote for days now. The idea of forgiveness intrigues me almost as much as the the idea of how to incorporate the past, with all its losses and disappointments, into the present. Perhaps the message is that we can only forgive if we forget the past, but I’m not sure that is entirely possible or even reasonable. Still, I get it. We can’t change the past, or can we? Sometimes, I think that as a writer I have certain magical powers that only other writers have. I can take my past and reinvent in, reframe it, and use it to my advantage, or to my disadvantage. I’m never sure how it will play out, but I know what I can do with an idea and with words. I know that as I push forward, tentatively now, with my new novel (I don’t even really know what it’s about), I feel rather certain that it will give me the opportunity to draw from my past. I feel myself reaching back rather far as I begin to develop the characters and their conflicts. It feels as though this novel will ask something very different of me, and this novel will get something very different as well.

I know for certain that I cannot change how my past has shaped me. Nor can anyone else. And certainly each of us is informed by the unique legacies we inherit,  as much as we are by the color of our eyes or the various diseases we cannot escape. I made the decision to commit myself to yoga practice because I hoped to escape the legacy of my mother’s crippling arthritis. I think I have succeeded. My body has been cooperative in spite of intermittent resistance and occasional complaints. However, more often than not, I feel quite certain that my body is grateful for the reprieve I have granted it. After all,  I can do some extraordinary things with this almost fifty-seven-year-old frame, and I owe all that to yoga, as well as to my tenacity and to my trust in a new way of life.  So while it may be true that I cannot have a better past, I do feel quite certain that my writing and my yoga will encourage a better future. I don’t hope for it. I am certain of it.


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