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Life According to Zorba the Greek

One of my favorite movies ever was on television the other day–Zorba the Greek. I haven’t seen it in years, but it holds up very well no matter how much time has passed. One of the most memorable scenes comes at end of the film when Zorba and the friend he calls Boss dance on the beach. Zorba understands everything there is to understand about life. He knows that, “A man needs a little madness…or else…he never dares cut the rope and be free.” I love that line almost as much as I love when he says, “To be alive is to undo your belt and look for trouble.” There is so much urgency in Zorba, so much greediness in his zest for life that it is contagious. It really is Life According to Zorba.  His philosophy is simple. Life must be lived to the fullest. But if this is so, why is it so difficult to achieve. Zorba, ever practical, says, “Boss, why did God give us hands? To grab. Well, grab!”

I’m with Zorba. We should grab happiness wherever we can. We all think too much. It prevents us from living. Zorba sums it up when he says, “You think too much, that is your trouble. Clever people and grocers. they weigh everything.”

I love Zorba’s approach. He dances through the pain, the loss, the disappointment. He knows that only dancing will stop the pain.

I advocate life according to Zorba. Dance, dance, dance. I hardly ever wear a belt, but I get it, Zorba. I totally get it.


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