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It seems quite evident from my sporadic blogging that I am quite delinquent in my efforts to be a blogger. It isn’t that I don’t want to blog; it merely that I resist the idea of publicly offering myself outside the realm of the fiction I prefer to write.  As a writer of fiction, I have the distinct advantage of offering my insights and visions and even dreams in a veiled manner. I can skirt the question that I am often asked (is your work autobiographical?) and choose how to answer. After all, don’t fiction writers have the license to fabricate? Instead, here I am (at the insistence of my wise and concerned agent who admits he neither blogs nor reads blogs), blogging away when I’d rather be watching reruns of Criminal Minds. Still, my “numbers” are not where they should be (though I attribute that to the economy and my relative anonymity as opposed to my delinquency as a blogger), and I have been told to “put myself out there.”Are you ready for me? Tomorrow (or sometime over this weekend), I will write a new blog that shall be called, “The Surprise of Rejection.” I think it’s a rather clever title. I promise not to complain, not to be bitter, and not to be self-indulgent. 

In the meanwhile, all you blog readers out there, would you please buy copies of Willing Spirits and The Sinner’s Guide to Confession so that I can spend my time writing fiction instead of blogging?


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